Donnerstag, 3. April 2014

Fixing Ovirt cloned vdsm node.

In order to accelerate host deployments I was using home-brewed scripts using  tar and PXE bott functionality of our nodes.
the process is following:
  1. make-image-vdsmnode
  2. boot node with PXE in diskless mode
  3. run format script
  4. run copy script
  5. correct network 
  6. install grub.
  7. reboot to boot mode with local disk PXE mode.

If all this done then try to add new host into cluster.

You will get an error on ovirt-engine  interface:
Duplicate host UUID.

In ovirt-engine.log you may see:

2014-04-03 10:44:28,439 WARN  [org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.AddVdsCommand] (ajp-- [6385bd93] CanDoAction of action AddVds failed. Reasons:VAR__ACTION__ADD,VAR__TYPE__HOST,$server nodeserv1.cls,ACTION_TYPE_FAILED_VDS_WITH_SAME_UUID_EXIST

To fix the issue: remove /etc/vdsm/ from the cloned host: